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Inside Watch Series: The 3 A’s of Armitron

The 3 A of Armitron

Watches aren’t just timepieces. They’re machines; well-organized and efficient devices with touches of artistry thrown in the mix. When you wear a watch, you’re actually displaying sleek design and masterful engineering with a rich scientific history.

There are three primary watch types: Analog, Ana-digi and Automatic. Each design has its own internal mechanisms. Its own engine. Amitron features affordable and stylish options in each category.

But what’s the difference? How do each of these three types of watches work?

 Analog watches

What is an Analog Watch?

Analog watches keep it old school. Picture a typically round watch face with hands that follow the trajectory of the sun. Analog watches usually feature a circular dial and three hands. The shortest relays the hours; a longer one indicates minutes; and the thinnest and longest one rotates quickly to show the seconds.

This classic design perfected form and function with a watch that is so universal and familiar that numbers aren’t always needed. The design is modeled on the natural rhythms of the earth and mimics early timekeeper’s attempts to measure the day by watching the sky.

An analog watch often shows the hours with roman numerals or other graphics. With the 12-hour mark stable, analog watches can feature sleek, minimalist design. That’s why your analog watch is the perfect classic accessory.

Amitron showcases several traditional and elegant options. Their Black on Black Women’s Wrist Watch features minimal analog design. A crystal indicates the 12-hour mark, with gold half-spheres as the hours. Affordable luxury meets ageless style.

ana-digi watches

What is an Ana-digi Watch?

The term analog came into fashion after digital watches appeared on the scene and watch owners needed a term to differentiate between what seemed competing technologies and styles. Digital watches with digit numbers in an LCD display gained popularity in the seventies and eighties. As technology improved, so did watch capability, adding in calculators, illuminated displays, calendars, temperature readers and other functions.

The Ana-digi watch uses an elegant combination of the unique features of both analog and digital technology. Your hybrid faceplate with analog and digital possibilities optimizes functionality without sacrificing style.

Consider Amitron’s Red Analog Watch with Digital Functions, which includes lap time, alarm, dual time and multiple light and display options. Another choice that’s both affordable and high-tech is the Men’s Analog-Digital Red Accented Watch that gives you five alarms, military time and analog hands with red illuminated display.

automatic watches

What is an Automatic Watch?

An automatic watch design means that your timepiece is self-winding. But how? How does your automatic watch keep ticking on its own?

Automatic watch design hails back to the 1700s and early pocket watch designs. These engineers aimed to perfect the system of gears and rotors that used weight systems to get timepieces to self-wind. A need for self-sufficient watches grew in the 20th century, spurred by the World Wars, when soldiers needed reliable and low-maintenance timepieces.

Modern versions feature perfected engineering and stunning design. For instance, Amitron’s Men’s Stainless Steel Automatic Braceleted Watch showcases the internal mechanism. This silver-tone round face watch has a case with a black skeleton exposed dial and includes stylish blue accents over its system of elegant gears and rotors.

It automatically winds by utilizing the natural, and automatic, movement of your day-to-day activity.

Stylish design meets engineered perfection–right on your wrist.

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