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Inside Watch Series: All About Ana-Digi Watches

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Love cutting edge tech? Traditional design? The perfect merger of modern and classic? Behold the Ana-Digi wristwatch from Armitron. Ana-Digi watches give you hybrid functionality–the best of both worlds when it comes to design and technology. Armitron’s Ana-Digi selections look amazing, feature tons of functions, and come in at an impressive price point that your budget can appreciate.

Dual Time: What is an Ana-Digi Watch?

Ana-Digi means your watch features both analog and digital timekeeping technology in one sophisticated and efficient package .

What Does Analog Mean?

Ana-Digi Analog

The earliest watches used classic analog technology: an ideal merger of form and function. The first timekeepers developed a system for tracking time that followed the movement of the sun across the sky. This elegant design ended up as the template for a traditional analog watch face.

You have a round dial, with a three hand system. Hour, minute and second hands move clockwise from their center hub. Analog watch face design uses standardized minute markers to orient time. The 12 hour marker is always at the North point on the dial–with 60 minutes arranged in the classic circle. Analog watch design uses numerals, gemstones, or various graphics to indicate hours and minutes around the face. There are huge design possibilities within Analog tech. Truly a thing of beauty.

What is Digital Watch Technology?

Ana-Digi Digital

No more rotating hands once Digital watch technology hit the scene, becoming standardized in the 1980s. With this technology, watch faces featured digital windows that displayed time numerically. The options and functions developed further with new advancements in technology. Modern Digital watches use electronic display windows and come with all the bells and whistles.

What’s Ana-Digi Watch Technology?


An Ana-Digi watch combines the elegance of analog with the heightened functionality of digital. You have a perfect example in Armitron’s Black Analog-Digital Watch with Grey Accents, with its large 52MM face. But an Ana-Digi combo is about so much more.

Zoom In: What functions can you expect from an Ana-Digi Watch?

Ana-Digi functions

Armitron’s Analog-Digital Watch with Red Resin Strap offers an ideal example of style and utility. This watch is bright and light and gives you all the options for tracking time when your lifestyle calls for adventure, work or leisure.

You have:

  • Dual Time–Lets you set a “home” time and a second time to track travel or work schedules in another zone
  • Chronograph–Your own stopwatch
  • Lap Time–Reset your stopwatch to zero while holding the previous elapsed time
  • Alarm–For wake-up or intervals throughout your day
  • World Time–An outer ring coordinates with your hour hand to see the time in your chosen city
  • Military Time–24 hour clock
  • Countdown Timer — Counts backward
  • Backlight — With a three second delay

Behold: How can an Ana-Digi Watch Upgrade Your Lifestyle?

Ana-Digi Benefits

An Ana-Digi hybrid timepiece offers the perfect accessory for modern sophisticates who care about style and function. You have an ideal watch for every facet of your lifestyle with Armitron’s Navy Blue Analog-Digital Watch with Grey Accents- 50MM.

Outdoor Adventures

You have rugged comfort with a large face for easy-to-read (and use) utilities. You’re set for workouts or hikes with Chronograph movement with lap time and a pacer. You also have a countdown timer and an hourly chime. Ideal for tracking distance out on the trail.

Travel and Leisure

Use your backlight for after-hours siestas. Your 5 alarm system helps keep you on track for flights–or flights of fancy. Reliable and good-looking, you have the perfect accessory for vacations and well-deserved R & R.

Work and Career

You have a sports watch that still looks professional at the office. The navy and grey color scheme keep style sharp. The classic analog face offers traditional style, while the modern digital accents offer functions for your every need.

An Armitron Ana-Digi hybrid watch is the ideal accessory for modern lifestyles that require sophisticated style and elegant tech filled with function.

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