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Inside Watch Series: The Many Features of Armitron Adventure

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The sun hits your face. You take in the view. Adventure happens in moments. You may be on a mountain or hiking through your local park. Either way, adventure is a part of your life. You explore your surroundings and take in your environment. That’s habit. Whether your adventure is big or small, it transpires in the details. Armitron Adventure Watches help you slow down and take note, so you can track your every adventure right down to the finer points.

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Digital Watches for Precision: The Adventure Tracker

Armitron’s AD/1011 Adventure watch lets you wear a weather station right on your wrist. Take it with you on every mountain trek. The barometer gives you a register for atmospheric pressure so you can gauge upcoming storms. You have a temperature read-out and an altimeter–an essential measure for climbers. The World Time feature connects you to time zones across the globe. You’ve also got five alarms, a stopwatch and 8-lap memory. The large dial is easy-to-read and ever-efficient. You’ve found the perfect accessory for serious sportsmen.

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Analog Watches for Power: Go Solar

The classically rugged adventurer requires a watch as handsome and strong as he is. Armitron’s Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Black Stainless Steel Bracelet features enduring design with ageless style. The dark matte dial presents white numerals with hints of red detailing. Iconic plated stainless steel overlays the stainless steel faceplate. The bracelet strap features a sleek one-touch buckle. Best of all, you can charge it in the sun–or any other type of illumination. Power lasts up to four months. Now that’s powerful.

Armitron Adventure solar watches come in a variety of simple and chic designs that complement their ace technology. The Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Light Gray and Tan Nylon Strap offers a stylish look for outdoor adventuring through markets or ancient ruins. It’s the ideal accessory for a khaki or linen combo with your straw fedora. The matte grey dial features white Arabic numerals–and it holds a charge for four months. Any light source will do, but you can rely on the sun during your adventures.

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Canvas Watches for Illumination: Visible247

Lost in the jungle at night? No worries. Armitron Adventure offers you the AD/1005 wrist watch that runs on patented Visible247 technology. The faceplate glows with consistent bright light for up to four hours – long enough for you to reach base camp or the starlit summit. The distinct styling uses Army green canvas for the strap combined with a large stainless steel case with a simple, handsome design. You can also choose the black strap version with its large sea blue dial. Visible 247 provides brightness and clarity whenever you need it. As an adventurer, you’ll be prepared.

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Leather Watches for Perfection: Analog

If you have any upcoming archaeological digs – or you dress as though you do – your perfect watch is an Armitron Adventure Analog with Dark Brown Leather Strap. Picture the furrowed charm of Humphrey Bogart on the Nile – or Harrison Ford’s classic style as Indiana Jones. The strap is deep brown in a durable aged leather. The stainless steel faceplate surrounds a classic analog white dial with three subdials, each with a red hand marker. Arabic numerals in black combine with strong and classic design. It’s simple, handsome and perfect for adventures of every kind.

analog-digital adventure

Analog-Digital Watches for Accuracy: Combination

Choose Armitron’s Analog-Digital Chronograph Watch with Black Resin Band for your world tours. Is it happy hour in London? Sunrise in Tokyo? This Adventure watch gives you World Time at a glance. You can see the hour of day in pre-set countries right on your digital display window. The analog-digital combo allows a classic interface with traditional hour, minute and second hands. Use your alarm function to schedule jet-setting of any kind. And the stopwatch chronograph feature offers options for tracking laps or work-outs. You’ll feel connected to far-off places across the globe even when you’re close to home.

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