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Looking for a bit of last minute holiday shopping inspiration? Search no further. Armitron teamed up with some of our influencer friends to show you what their favorite items are this holiday season. Be sure to check out all of their social profiles as well. Don’t forget to show us all of your favorite gifts by using the #OneWatchManyFaces.

Stephen Enloe

We met Stephen last year and have been working with him ever since. In addition to being a social influencer, Stephen is an actor and student that loves to be outdoors and soaking in the California sun. Here are some of his favorite gift ideas.

1. Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket

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2. MRKT Bags Mateo Backpack

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3. H&M Brown Leather Gloves

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Alex Salcedo

The quintessential well-dressed man, Alex of The Casual Boardwalk, loves to keep things dapper in his look. This California native started his menswear blog as a hobby and has grown it into a way of life. Alex shared four of his gift ideas.

1. Ornaments

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Every year, my wife and I began collecting ornaments from different places we visited; from Disneyland to the Grand Canyon. Our friends and family know we have quite the collection so every year we receive several ornaments to help decorate our Christmas tree. Nowadays you can purchase just about any type of ornament; from musical notes, to miniature dog ornaments, so an ornament is a great way to make a small gift both personal and thoughtful.

2. Vintage Tees

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Everyone loves a good ol’ vintage tee! There’s so many options out there, you can buy tees featuring NASA, MTV, Animaniacs (I actually just got gifted one of these tees), or band tees such as the Rolling Stones or Metallica. Vintages tees make great gifts for both men and women of all ages.

3. Water Bottles

You might think water bottles are NBD, but you’’d be surprised how many times I’ve gifted these and everyone seems to love them. Nowadays, everyone is rocking out the eye-popping bottles from S’Well. Not only do they look awesome, but they also happen to be the right size to bring to work or to take along on a bike ride.

4. External Battery for Smartphones and Tablets

In this day and age, everyone seems to depend on smartphones and tablets to do important tasks such as schoolwork, taking photos, monitoring your house and binge watching Netflix. Gifting an external battery might be one of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts to give to your tech-savvy friends. I’m literally the MVP when I take my external battery to Disneyland; everyone gets the chance to charge their devices a bit after playing charades and taking photos in the theme park.

Ari Adams

Among running her successful blog, Ari Adams of Love, Peace and Tiny Feet, is an author and most importantly, a mom of two. Check out what Ari is gifting to her two adorable daughters this holiday.

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I am a mom of 2 little girls, ages 8 and 5, and this year, I’ll be giving them their very first “big girl” watches! My 5 year old is in the process of learning about time and this watch is a perfect tool for her. My 8 year old can already tell time, but she’d go crazy about some of the other features available on this watch, such as the date and alarm settings. They both love taking on little challenges and, while they usually use the stopwatch on my phone, they would love being able to do this right from their wrist. To top It all off, these watches are super stylish, come in their favorite colors and are made with a very durable material that’s easy to keep looking clean and new. This is why I am most excited about placing these gems under the tree for them this year!

Alice Marie

Alice Marie, of Alice Marie Designs,  is a unique blogger. She also designs her own clothing pieces. She started practicing this talent at age 15 and has evolved this skill over time. Alice shares her tips on how to make your gift recipients feel special.

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When it comes to gifting, I like to make my gifts special. I normally like to gift something special and personalized. In the past, I’ve done personalized stationary, unique accessories, hand painted ornaments and gift sets like the watch and bracelet combo from Armitron. Gifting is fun for me so I like for the receiver to feel special. From the wrapping, to the gift tag and the gift itself. Every aspect should feel special. The holidays are the best time to make everyone feel special.

Beth Giusti

We met Beth of Real Life Mama Drama at a Mommy Blogger event this year and have been friends ever since. This mom of three boys is a Disney lover. Check out Beth’s goals for 2018 and her gift recommendation to help set those goals.

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I purchased this special bloggers planner to help me keep up my goals for 2018. It is called the Epic Blog One Year Editorial Planner. With the help of my Armitron watch and this great planner, 2018 will be a time for celebrating every win, big and small, a time to create and to plan for big things, a time to push through fears and follow your passion and a time to set goals and smash them.

Forever Freckled

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Forever Freckled is a blog run by three sisters, Alison, Carrie and Katie, each offering a different perspective to life and motherhood. One is a pediatrician, one is a veterinarian and the other is a stylist. They bring their careers into their blog in a unique and interesting way. Forever Freckled offered up a gift idea that they love.

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We love these cute eye mask/sock gift sets from Target. This gift is perfect for moms who need a bit more TIME to get some much needed rest. These are so cute to throw in with a pair of pajamas too! And affordable.

Christopher Jamar

Besides being a successful influencer, Christopher Jamar is also a photographer and stylist. He shared a Holiday style tip that he loves.

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Happy Holidays. With holiday parties and Christmas Day with family, having the perfect look is important. Outside of spending quality time with the family, being fashionable should be at the top of the list as well. Pairing the GRATEFUL tee with the classic yet stylish Armitron watch is perfect for the holidays.


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