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Holiday Travel Tips

The busiest travel days of the year are just around the corner. So whether you’re heading home for the holidays or taking a much-needed getaway, you deserve smooth travels this season. With some extra planning, and a commitment to comfort and joy, you’ll get where you need to be with time to spare. And your good mood? Good to go.

Here are five tips to make travel a breeze.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Holiday Travel Watch

It’s time to unleash your inner efficiency expert. Time management is key. Armitron’s Black Analog-Digital Watch with Blue Accents is the kind of timepiece that’s inspires at a glance. You’ll see a large face with blue accents in two shades. You get numeric markers at 12, 3 and 9 for your analog hands. You also have digital displays and window to mark the seconds. A cool look and comfortable fit lets you pack light. This sport watch is chock full of the functions you’ll need: a chronograph, lap time, dual time and military time. You also have five alarms. Set them at necessary intervals to keep your journey on track.

Plan Ahead

Holiday Travel Plan Ahead

It’s all in the details. If you’re traveling by plane, check out the parking situation in advance. Get an idea of prices and options. Avoid counter delays by checking in online. If you’re driving, get an idea of your route. Don’t leave traffic to chance. Check patterns and alternate routes. And map out good places to stop and rest. The busiest travel season is not the time to wing it. Get prepared with research in advance.

Allow for the Unexpected

Holiday Travel Unexpected

You know what they say about best-laid plans? (They sometimes go awry.) You need to have plans, but be flexible if they have to change. Snow storms. Flight delays. Flat tires. You never know what could arise. Prepare for the unexpected by building in some extra time, just in case. And pack a few emergency extras that you might not need, like hearty snacks, a power bank and a fold-up-small blanket.

Plot Your Presents

It’s holiday season, so you might be making the journey Santa-style, laden with bags of gifts. Plan for that distance while you’re shopping. Avoid breakables or super heavy items. Check in on the baggage policy at your airline. It might be more economical to send a package to your destination in advance. To avoid hassle, choose travel-easy presents. Wrist watches make perfect gifts, but they’re ideal to travel with since your packages will be compact and small, while still making a big impact when they’re opened up!

Get Mindful

Holiday Travel Watch

It’s the holiday season after all, so you might as well give in to glee. The bustle around you might be stressed out, but your hustle doesn’t have to be. Dress for comfort on travel day, but that doesn’t mean looking slouchy. You can still feel elevated and sophisticated while traveling if you add a distinctive accessory. Try Armitron’s Blush Leather Strap Watch. It’s delicate and beautiful, with a silvery dial designed with a wave pattern. Think white sand beaches. You’ll be zen garden relaxed with a glance at the time. Analog timekeeping gives you slender rose gold hands and hour indices. Manage the time without letting it manage you. Your layover has a little luxury. And that’s a reminder to enjoy each moment.

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