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It’s Time to Head Back to School: Our Tips for Starting a New School Year

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The sun’s still out, but you may have noticed a few leaves on the ground. The seasons are getting ready to switch gears, and you know what that means. Back to school!

It’s almost time to put away the flip-flops and tank tops and pull out your backpack and notebooks. Getting back in the school zone is no problem with a little prep. If you follow these tips, you’ll be looking forward to the new start ahead!

Armitron’s Top 5 Tips to Start the New School Year

Go Classic with an Analog Watch

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There’s no better way to get back on schedule than with a sharp new timepiece. You’ve got style covered, plus a new inspiration for time management. Check out Armitron’s Black Leather Strap with Three Subdials wristwatch. A nice, sharp accessory is the perfect way to start the new year. You’ll look chic and organized — and no one gets in trouble for glancing at their watch in class. You’ve got traditional black leather and gold-toned face plate with three sub-dials. You’re hooked up with day-of-the-week and day-of-the-month calendar and a 24-hour clock. You’re all set.

Give Your Mornings a Boost

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When you’re starting school again, you want your morning routine to be an asset, not a stress-fueled race. Schedule some me-time into your morning. Use it for meditation or positive affirmations. Even if you don’t have the time for a full work-out, you can manage a brisk 10 minute walk, some quick yoga or a few stretches. You deserve it, and you’ll get a positive energy boost right from the start.

Find the Activity Calendar and Plan Ahead

Don’t save your planning for the first day. Every school puts out an activity calendar. You’ll probably find info about clubs and extracurricular activities right on the website. Think about your interests and how much your schedule can handle. Activities and extras can feel overwhelming, but studies show that active kids and teens are happier. So get in gear and sign up! You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t Forget Accessories When You’re Back-to-School Shopping

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You’re stocking up on jeans and pencils, but don’t neglect getting yourself a signature piece. With Armitron’s Silver-Tone and Rose Gold-Tone Mesh Bracelet Watch with Swarovski Crystal Accents, you have the perfect luxury item — at a price so reasonable you’ll be surprised. Wearing a little sparkle gives you a boost of confidence as you start the new school year. You’ll also feel chic and professional with this beautiful design. Hints of crystal along the comfy mesh strap give you just the right amount of new-start flair. Good to go!

Get Ready for a New Schedule

The last few weeks of summer mean getting in that last vacation or trip to the pool. But it’s also time to gear up for the new year. You’ll be ready for regimentation if you practice beforehand. You don’t have to go full-on drill sergeant, but it is time to start setting your alarm a little earlier. Same goes with sleep. Limit late nights. Read ahead in subjects that you know are on your upcoming agenda. Think of it as training to get you ready for the new start ahead. No need to be overwhelmed the first few weeks if you’ve already started getting ready.

Practice makes perfect! So you might as well get a head start on honing your schedule and keeping perfect time!

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