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Five Perfect Gifts to Wow Your Dad

Wow Your Dad

You know what he’ll say: “You shouldn’t have. I don’t need anything.” Sure, Dad! This year for Father’s Day, give your dad something that he absolutely adores. Imagine the scene. He’ll open up your gift, and in spite of himself, fall in love with it. Because you picked it just right. This year forget about the golf shirt and the new tie. Get him a gift that’s unique, awesome, and that he didn’t even realize he wanted. The best gifts harness a little bit of surprise, a personal touch, and the “wow” factor!

Here’s Armitron’s guide to 5 unique Father’s Day gifts that your dad will totally love!

Buy Him Tickets to an Event and Go With

There’s nothing more precious than time well spent. You may have the kind of dad who acts ho-hum when it comes to presents, but he’ll love the opportunity to spend time with you. Grab tickets to the kind of event he’ll love. His favorite band? Get some merch and great seats and tag-along as his co-pilot. Or get tickets to his favorite sports team, a speaker in his field, or even a wine tasting event. Your dad will love the experience—especially if he’s going with you!

Give Him a Wristwatch that Makes Him Feel Fancy

5123 Gold Wow Dad

Every man likes to feel like a million bucks. A wristwatch is the kind of accessory that elevates a look and mood just by putting it on. Show dad you’ve got taste and that you recognize his. Armitron’s awesome Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Analog Mesh Bracelet Watch offers comfort and an easy sense of class. He’ll be stunned by your fashion sense and appreciate a watch with classic, effortless style.

Indulge in Those Dad Jokes

Jokes Wow Dad

There’s no better way to show him you care than by giving some love to his corny sense of humor. Get him a book that features his special brand of gags. You can also find a tee shirt that has one of his favorite sayings on it—or have one made! Show him that his inside jokes are much appreciated. Now it’s your turn to make your favorite jokester chuckle.

Reawaken His Inner Star Athlete with a Sport Watch

Sport Watch Wow Dad

Give him a sport watch with features that put a bounce in his step. A sport watch with functions offers your dad a way to make activity and fitness fun and precise. Get him motivated with Armitron’s slick-looking.Black Digital Chronograph Sport Watch. He’ll get multiple modes and six digital windows to keep him on track to get moving. The sleek black rubber strap and faceplate gives off understated strength. Perfect for the cool dads!

Keep Him Up All Night with a Surefire Page-Turner

Page Turner Wow Dad

What’s the best thing about an amazing book that you just can’t put down? Time well spent. And the best greatest part is enjoying every second and savoring the experience of an awesome read. Everyone loves a great novel or thriller. Get your dad a bestseller in a genre he loves. Consider spy stories, horror, or a biography of one of his heroes. Remember to inscribe the inside so he knows how much you care. Give your personal message that “wow” factor that only you can write.

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