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Easy Ways to Transform Your House this Halloween

House Halloween

You’re just in time for tricks, treats and sweets galore. This is Halloween! It’s the season to get spiffed up and spooky. October is the perfect time to transform your house (inside and out) in full-force Halloween style. Deck out your décor for scares—either silly or terrifying—depending on your festive spirit. It’s way easier than you think to do your space up for All Hallow’s Eve. These easy decorating tricks make for big treats for your family, friends and neighbors when you give your house a spooky makeover.

Here’s Armitron’s scary easy guide to transforming your house for Halloween.

Spice Up Your Porch with Jack-O’-Lanterns

Porch Halloween

Spruce up your front porch for trick-or-treaters or party guests with festive pumpkins. Pumpkins provide quick and easy go-to décor for Halloween. Get bright orange pumpkins in different shapes and sizes—and add-in shades of green and cream if you’d like a look that’s chic and unexpected. If you want your pumpkins to wow and inspire, transform them with epic carving. You can use templates or let your imagination go wild with spooky faces to light up the night.

Bump Up the Night with Scary Sounds

Scary Sounds Halloween

Create a festive and spooky ambience with easy sound effects and perfect timing. Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Sport Watch is the ideal October accessory when you want to amp up your Halloween game. With a durable gunmetal top ring and pops of orange accent, you’re wearing a sport watch loaded with the bells and whistles you’ll need—a chronograph, countdown timer, alarm, hourly chime and more. Design a playlist loaded with bumps, boos and howls. Set-up a sound system that allows for timed surprises. Your watch helps out with foolproof timing. Launch scary sounds to provide unexpected jolts, jumps and delights. Keep it all organized with your awesome wristwatch! The backlight function keeps you on point even in the dark.

Make it a Sweet Time with Tons of Treats

Treats Halloween

Halloween really comes down to one thing. Candy! So, go ahead and make treats a major part of your décor. Use a candy bowl with a mechanical hand and sound effects. Pull out a basin and load it up with apples to bob. Dress up cupcakes with graveyard designs and other creepy, but yummy crawlies! Get wicked with healthier options like peeled oranges adorned with celery stems to look like little pumpkins. Or make spiders with bagel bodies, hard pretzel legs and raisin eyes. Bananas look like ghosts if you cut them in half, stand them upright and pop on a ghoulish face. Good tricks!

Trick Out Your Yard with Frights and Delights

Frights Halloween

You can always go nuts with a ton of Halloween inflatables for your front lawn. But there are way easier options to get the job done simply with items you probably have on hand. Fill a wheelbarrow with a pile of leaves (or just create a big pile right on the lawn.) You can make it look like a creature is buried or trying to crawl out. Stuff filling in some old jeans and boots and arrange them accordingly. Use old white sheets to create a cohort of ghosts in any shape and size. Hang the little ghoulies from trees or use simple wood stakes to keep them upright. Prop up household flashlights to create moody spotlights. Now you’re ready for festive fun!

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