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Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Celebrate Valentine's Day

There’s a lot to love about Valentine’s Day. This much-beloved holiday always takes place on the 14th of February. It’s a midwinter treat that puts love and fun right in the middle of one of the colder months. School kids exchange valentines and treats and have parties. Bouquets of roses abound. Heart-shaped goodies and baubles are everywhere. It’s the season to give your sweetheart romantic presents. You may even find it hard to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world. So how did it get started and what’s love got to do with it?

Valentine’s Day Goes Way, Way Back

Celebrate Valentine's Day

The origins of Valentine’s Day are mythic. The day connects to an ancient Roman fertility festival that took place mid-February. The holiday also relates to St. Valentine—there are actually three such saints in history, and no one is sure precisely which one is the forebear of love and courtship. Poets first mentioned Valentine during medieval times and linked the name with romance, love letters, and wooing. By the 1800’s, St. Valentine was connected to loving sentiment with ties to romantic cards, jewelry, flowers, and charms.

Valentine’s Day Gets Popular

Celebrate Valentine's Day Hearts

Starting in the early twentieth century, Valentine’s Day took off in America. Popular culture, and especially advertisements, gave life to the holiday. The first Valentine’s Day cards were mass-produced in the mid-1800s. People loved to share pre-printed messages that captured their personal feelings. Conversation hearts, the little candies stamped with flirty messages like “Be Mine” and “True Love,” were first sold in 1902. Americans were wooed by products that expressed love and made it a feeling to celebrate openly.

Tokens of Affection- So Charming

Valentine's Day Charming

Jewelry has always been a favorite Valentine’s Day gift because of its symbolic power. One of the most popular forms of jewelry, the charm bracelet, has been around since ancient times. The charm bracelet’s modern origins start in the nineteenth century, but charms and amulets adorned jewelry in the earliest civilizations. Charms capture emotion and offer reminders that outwardly express luck, love, and other affections. The heart symbol is an especially popular charm because it signals romance and passion. Charm bracelets make the perfect Valentine’s gift because they spark age-old statements of love with a classic style that’s modern and chic.

Consider Armitron’s Gold-Tone Charm Bracelet with Pearl Charms and Gold-Tone Hearts as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Emphasize precious time with a delicate watch charm that features crystal hour markers. The gold-tone metallic color perfectly represents your love and affection. Strong, substantial bracelet links come adorned with shimmery pearls and gold-tone hearts. This gorgeous charm bracelet declares all the best parts of Valentine’s Day gift-giving.

Cupid and Cards for All

Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is beloved and celebrated because (let’s face it!) who doesn’t want an excuse to get lovey-dovey and indulge in all things sentimental? While Valentine’s Day started out as a holiday for couples, it’s expanded to include all forms of love. Kids celebrate it in school with treats and cards for all their classmates. It’s also a popular holiday for family and friends. Even those who are uncoupled have opportunities to live it up. Modern Valentine’s Day celebrations offer ritual and festivity to any and all expressions of love. So, follow your heart!

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