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6 Tips to Get You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Gobble the turkey and get ready to go. The holidays have arrived and you know what that means. Time to shop! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become holiday events in their own right. Even if you lament the tradition, experienced shoppers know that good deals are always worth it. So whether you love braving the crowds in real life or loading your cart online, Armitron’s got your back.

Check out Armitron’s tips for making shopping season easy and breezy on both your budget and your state of mind!

1. Make a List and Check it Twice

Black Friday List

You’re on a mission. One that needs stealth planning. Experts recommend going into Black Friday with a budget made out in advance. Cross check the ads with the items you want and need. Make a gift list and note sizes and specifics. The in-store atmosphere can feel frenzied, so you need to stay organized and focused. Allow yourself a few impulse buys, but the shoppers who save the most stick to the plan and follow their budget.

2. Go Your Own Way

Crowds may rush for the televisions or rifle through bins of blankets. You may see folks racing through the toy aisle with overflowing carts. Tune them out. Your Black Friday shopping mission is all about you. Don’t follow the crowd or succumb to pressure to do what the group is doing. Stay calm. Grab a latte. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy the strange bliss of middle-of-the-night or early morning shop-fests. Then stick to your list and schedule. Getting caught up in the tumult makes you overbuy or get things you don’t really want.

3. Early Bird It

Black Friday Early

Experienced shoppers know that going early means getting the best deals. Get what you need and then move on. Stores lure you in with one great buy in the hopes you’ll stay for hours. But you’re shopping to keep track of your dollars, so keep track of your time. Wear a reliable sports watch like Armitron’s All Black Digital Chronograph Watch with Resin Strap and Push Buttons. Set your alarm! And use your chronograph to time your sprees and keep you on track! You’ll be glad you have a reliable and comfy watch as your taskmaster/help-mate!

4. Take a Brand Tour

Black Friday Brand

Making sense of Cyber Monday deals feels overwhelming. Never fear! You can get a specialized shopping trip right at home in your jammies. Start by visiting your favorite brand’s website. Armitron’s site has a boutique feel with gorgeous graphics. When you need the exact right gift, you can still find that intimate perfection at Armitron. Scroll through the wares. Or consider this stunning Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch with Rose Gold-Tone Bangle Bracelet. Your lucky recipient gets a bracelet with an elegant watch in one gorgeous box set. Both pieces are crafted with delicate details. Your perfect gift is feminine, elegant and ready when you are. Shopping made oh so simple. Stress-free and ultra-gorgeous.

5. Browse the Behemoths

The big box stores pull out their best deals on Cyber Monday. But expect to save throughout the season. You can usually get between 25 and 30 percent off regular prices during the long Thanksgiving weekend. You’ll definitely find the best sales on toys and electronics during the four-day crunch. And, check-in for special deals on Cyber Monday throughout the day. When you’re shopping online, keep in mind that major retailers have deals going on throughout November and December.

6. Wet Your App-etite

Black Friday App

There’s an app for that! Search your app store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and you’ll get the instant hook-up to all the best deals. Just what you need to make your shopping fix extra. Check ratings and reviews to get the best apps. And, you can use many of them year round. Extreme coupons, digi-style. Next-level shoppers are there!

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