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Best Gifts for the Dad who Loves the Outdoors

outdoors dad

A mountain breeze. A campfire crackle. The tug of the catch at the end of the fishing line. Dad loves the outdoors as much as you do. This Father’s Day give him the kind of gift that speaks to his inner nature—especially when he’s out in nature. When your Dad is the consummate outdoorsman, feed his need for action, fun and fitness.

Here’s Armitron’s Father’s Day gift guide for the man who loves the outdoors.

Outfit the Workout Warrior

outdoor workout

When your Dad lives an active lifestyle, give him an accessory that keeps him on track and on time. Armitron’s Digital Chronograph Square Dial Watch with Red Resin Strap and Black Accents offers easy, breezy motivation for fit living. It comes in an array of colors to match any mood, but go for power red to help Dad get motivated and moving. He gets an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays a countdown timer for optimizing his workouts. He also gets a chronograph with lap time so he can gauge his improvements. You’re giving him inspiration. Couch potatoes beware!

More is More for the Happy Camper

outdoor camper

Does your pop love campfires and grill-a-thons? Go ahead and add a can’t-miss S’more kit to your Dad’s collection of camping gear. Grab a snazzy model built for campfire convenience. You can get him a deluxe maker for his grill or grab some extra long spears for expert melting action. Don’t forget the supplies! Chocolate bars, fluffy marshmallows, and tons of graham crackers—oh, and napkins! Your Dad will love the chance to create and enjoy a reliable fave!

Track the Trail in Style

outdoor trail

Is your Dad strong and rugged? Built like a hero? Get him a gift that matches his sense of adventure. It’s time to hit the trail! Armitron’s Digital Watch with Black Resin Band features everything a man needs for a trek in the great outdoors. With a built-in pedometer, your Dad knows where he’s been and where he’s going. His watch counts the steps and tracks the mileage. He can input an array of details and note his calorie consumption and daily activity. He’ll know the temperature, his distance and speed of travel, and how much he means to you. He’ll remember with every glance at his new, awesome watch. The design is sleek, robust and built for excursions. Get up and go!

Go for Game Day Garb

outdoor game

Your Dad will love rah-rah gear for his favorite team. But give him some actual sporting stuff to go with the team jersey. If you haven’t tossed a football with Dad in years, now’s the time. Spring for a baseball and a couple of mitts. A new set of tennis or golf balls. You can also surprise him with tickets to his favorite sporting event. But before the tailgate and the sideline cheers, get out on the field yourselves. Hit the local courts, stop by a park or hang out in your own backyard. Nothing like some afternoon sports with Dad. Best of all, he’ll have the time of his life—with you.

Beachy Keen on the Scene

outdoor beach

Every outdoorsman loves (and needs) some downtime. Get your Dad gear and accessories for relaxation by the shore. Whether it’s a beach town trip or just a jaunt to the local lake, every Dad loves the boat life. Go for tackle accessories, deck shoes, or even a frisbee for the sand. Dad’s always been your anchor. Help him sail away for a little calm. Gone fishing, fam!

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