The Benefits of an Analog Watch

In an age of technology, it’s important to keep your personal style grounded in a chic look that defies the latest trend, and an analog watch always signals well-dressed sophistication.

You want a statement wristwatch that outlives fads, because you do. Consider your watch to be a piece of engineered perfection that you wear right on your wrist. An analog design combines perfect engineering with the simplicity of effortless style. Your analog watch is a must-have, can’t-miss accessory.

women analog watch

An Analog Watch Signals Classic Design and Style Perfection

Analog wristwatches hark back to the earliest days of timepiece technology. Their design is universal because it models after early timekeeper attempts to mark time by following the path of the sun across the sky.

Analog technology grounds design by aligning the 12-hour mark at the top of the watchface. Wrist straps always adhere to this central placement.

The hour, minute and second hands also follow universal standards recognized across the globe. The thicker, shortest hand marks the hour, while the longer, thinner one handles minutes. Most versions include a quick, skinny second hand that, like the others, follows a clockwork direction based on the sun’s movement.

Since an analog watch always signals classic perfection, you can choose this style for work or weekend, formality or play.

women analog watch

Elegant Go-To Analog Watches for Women

  • For daytime elegance, try Armitron’s Swarovski Crystal Analog Watch with Rose Gold Leather Strap. The metallic-tinged blush in the leather strap is feminine and understated. The watchface features crystals around the bezel that add subtle sparkle under lights or sun. Larger digit numerals stand out in rose gold on the smartly chick faceplate.
  • Sometimes life itself is a dressy occasion. Armitron’s Crystal Analog Watch with Silvertone Bangle Band looks upmarket rich, but its affordable price won’t break your budget. The sleek faceplate features thin silver lines to mark the digits, which sit atop a genuine mother-of-pearl dial that gives your wrist shimmer. Grace never looked so simple.

mens analog watch

Striking Analog Statement Watches for Men

  • Keep it classic and simple with Armitron’s Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Black Leather Strap. The faceplate features a silvertone 12-hour with strong lines to indicate hours. It utilizes the standard three-sweep hands with three subdials that add a touch of complexity to the chic design. It’s a can’t-go-wrong design that encompasses masculine style across eras.
  • For a look that’s affordable and luxurious at the same time, try Armitron’s Stainless Steel Men’s Watch, Two-tone metallic watches for men indicate good taste with a dash of bravado. Armitron’s version features an unexpectedly affordable price point, three subdials and gold markers. Understated flash with simple and refined design.

With an analog watch from Armitron as your go-to statement wristwatch, your look transcends the trend. You’re fashion-forward and chic with a look and lifestyle that’s always right…and right on time.

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