Back to School Style Tips with Jill Hovanes


It’s almost time to head back to school! We are excited to have Jill Hovanes of Hot Pink Style, featured on our Many Faces Blog today. Besides running her style blog and being a new mom, Jill is also a teacher! She is giving you some style tips to head back to school in style! 

I know what you’re thinking: What am I doing here? I’m not a model or even close to a watch expert, so what do I know?

Well I’m not just a style blogger, I’m also a teacher and have been for 11 years. I have the one job where every minute of every day is literally planed out. Seriously, I’ll show you my lesson plans if you don’t believe me!

Teachers are experts on time, so a way to keep time is a necessity. And if they can do it stylishly, even better. teacher style

When I started my teaching career, I had heard over and over again that you have to look professional to play the part, and that’s exactly how I went into my first year. I will never forget that I found a silver Armitron watch that made me feel like the fanciest lady around! I literally wore if for years. It was one of those pivotal purchases that I will always remember being there to help me “fake it till I made it.”

Flash forward a little over a decade and I’ve realized that my professional style may have changed, but my need for a good watch has not.

I’ve started to show more of my personality in how I dress. I feel it actually makes the kids respect me a little more when they see that you can have fun with style. That is really an important lesson I like for my students to see, that you can be a professional and still have some personality.

Over the years I’ve let the idea of “what I’m supposed to wear” fall away and turn to the “what I enjoy wearing,” and I seriously encourage you all to do the same no matter what your current job is. Armitron has grown with me through all these years of teaching, from those beginning-of-my-career polished styles to the more fun and colorful styles I tend to gravitate towards now. I’ve experimented with big watches, digital styles and even men’s watches, which really are my favorites.

Style Tips

teacher style

A watch over a phone to check the time any day!

Why? Well for one, a watch is literally attached to your arm so it’s much easier to glance at. Phones can be distracting to both you and students. And for you non-teachers, your coworkers. P.S. kids have sticky fingers sometimes and if it gets in their hands they just may break it or it may disappear all together. Just wear a watch, people. Moms, you too! 

Go bold.

Kids love to comment on their teacher’s “swag” so they will notice when you have a stylish piece on. They always loved when I wore a big-faced gold watch. I would get my favorite question: “Teacher, is that a real watch?” I also love wearing a men’s watch with a particularly girly outfit to give it a little edge.

teacher style

A leather band has its perks.

If you are in an overly air-conditioned office, much like many of my classrooms have been in the past, a leather band won’t freeze your wrist and ultimately will be a little more comfortable.

Pick something affordable!

Armitron makes a huge selection of watches that look chic and stylish but are still super affordable. If you have clumsy “coworkers” as I do in my classroom, you don’t want to be wearing anything that is super valuable anyway (see above sticky fingers/clumsy).

As for my number one style tip: Dress like YOU!

Don’t try to follow all the trends or somebody else’s idea of how you’re supposed to look. The more you dress like the person you are, the more comfortable you will be in all you do and how you carry yourself. That is the kind of style energy you want to put out there into the world!

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