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Armitron and Macy’s Host Noah Galloway Book Event

Armitron and Noah Galloway Book Signing at Macy's Herald Square

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel – Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway knows this better than most.  Decorated for his service to America, Noah went on to be named Man of the Year, by Men’s Health, competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and co-hosted Fox’s American Grit.  But, when you speak with Noah, it’s clear his focus is helping others by sharing the lessons he learned from his own experiences.  These lessons are the foundation of the recently released Noah Galloway book, Living with No Excuses, The Rebirth of An American Soldier.

Noah Gets Personal

Before meeting with the public, we had a chance to sit down with Noah.  We discussed his motivation for writing the book, how it changed his perspective on life and how he hopes it can help people who are struggling with any life issue.

 After our chat, Noah spent the afternoon meeting fans and answering questions about motivation.  While a Noah Galloway book wasn’t always a priority, when he saw people struggling with depression and other obstacles that he had faced, he felt compelled to share his stories.  Galloway told us a sense of community can be vital when trying to overcome depression or hardship.  Through this book, speaking engagements, and even social media, Noah aims to build that community.

At the end of the day, everyone in attendance left with a sense of positivity.  It’s hard not to feel that way around Noah.  He is always upbeat and excited to tackle the next challenge.  He recognizes, as we do, that personal empowerment requires time and practice.  Thanks for sharing your time and motivation with us, Noah!


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