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Meet the Faces Behind Armitron: Andy Diaz Represents the Kind of Worker Who Never Stops, Never Quits

Andy Watch

By Jordan Chapman

We are excited to introduce a new series, Meet the Faces Behind Armitron. These are the stories of the people who work behind the scenes, our wonderful Armitron employees.

In 1989, Andy Diaz — a high schooler attending William Howard Taft in the Bronx — sat down with his father who presented him with an Armitron classic. And he still wears it today. Not because the watch is overly pristine or because it’s retro 80’s, and not for sentimental value either. He wears it because, 28 years later, it still works.

“There’s a lot of watches out there, sure, but what major brand will sell you a watch for $30 to $40 that will last you for 10 to 15 years? Not one,” Andy said, a watch collector and Armitron connoisseur. “These are quality, I’m telling you.” Andy Warehouse

Little did he know that from an outsider perspective, his description of the brand’s product was actually a spot-on illustration of his own character. Like the brand and timepiece that has become so a part of him — Andy’s a self-described watch guy —  he represents 21 years of unshakeable growth with E.Gluck Corporation (EGC), Armitron’s parent company. Having earned the title of shipping manager seven years ago, Andy’s become a reliable asset to the company.

It all boils down to family, and Andy has the privilege of claiming two: One at home and one at work.

“My colleagues and I, we don’t just work here,” Andy said. “We go to each other’s weddings, one another’s kids’ birthday parties, our kids go to the pool together, everything.”

“A lot of people don’t understand this about EGC. It’s a family-oriented and family-owned company,” he said, noting that 80 percent of his 18-person team has been with the company longer than he has. “Finding people who have been with the company for 25 to 30 years… That’s normal around here. It’s rare to find a company that appreciates what you do for them and actually takes the time and allows you to grow into and with the company.” Note: The latter half of that sentence? Not a metaphor.

Andy Action

Andy’s a legacy at EGC. He’s following in his father’s footsteps who — after moving his family from the Dominican Republic to New York in search of better opportunity — found work with EGC from 1989–2000.

“My father brought me (to EGC) when I was in high school to participate in the summer youth program,” Andy explained. He’d break down boxes in the back for some extra spending cash.

Following high school — and with ambitions to attend college amid obligations at home — he decided to approach EGC’s hiring manager to see about a real job. Brought on at first to work in the warehouse, breaking down merchandise and taking orders, Andy attended night school at LaGuardia College before the birth of his first daughter.

He soon started taking double shifts, working early morning hours so he could use his afternoons and nights to merchandise Armitron products at Macy’s and manage a pop-up store in SoHo. After 14 years of overtime, he earned and continues to inspire both his families via his work ethic and dedication.
















“When it comes to my kids: They’re the reason I do anything in life,” he said. “I exercise so I can remain healthy for them. And the team at work, it’s important that whatever I do I get it right. When it comes to success, I want to show that we can do it together.”

Day in and day out, they do just that. “Around here, your work is more than just a job. We aren’t afraid to stay late to insure our success because we’re taking care of family. This company is a part of us.”

So when you order your watch, think of Andy and his team because — like his 28-year-old classic — they never quit.

And welcome to the Armitron family. You’ll fit right in!

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