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How to Add Halloween Fashion Touches to Your Look

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Think Halloween is just for kids? Not anymore! All Hallow’s Eve is a grown-up fun-fest, and the little ones are just along for the ride. Halloween season is the perfect time to unleash your passion for fashion. At a party, anything goes, the more elaborate the better. But don’t save magic and zest for a few events around the 31st of October. Go ahead and add dashes and delights of black, orange and anything darkly festive into your everyday wear.

Whether your style is subtle or sassy, Armitron’s here to hook you up with ideas to add touches of Halloween fashion to your look.

Go a Little Goth

Halloween Nails

Strategic uses of polish and cosmetics are the perfect way to add some midnight magic to your Halloween inspired outfit. Go for dark and dramatic colors on your eyes and lips. Get a mani or pedi, and choose a polish in burnt orange, occult black or gray ghoul. You can even add a cat-eye gel sheen. You can also get deluxe eyelashes to add some drama when you bat them. Easy, breezy, fun and done!

Color Statements Pop

Halloween watch

Need a little something practical that’s also fun? You’re not a Halloween scrooge, but you’re also not the costume-y kind? The perfect solution is to wear an accessory that adds some flair without going overboard. You need an accessory that pays attention to the details. Time for a little orange spice.

Armitron Sport Watches with subtle blasts of orange detailing give you a stylish edge in tune with the season. Try this Digital Chronograph Sport Watch in gunmetal gray with orange pops on the face plate windows. You get a sports watch chock full of functions that gives you an Halloween vibe that’s just right. Or check out Armitron’s Black Digital Chronograph Watch with Orange and Green Accents. You have a durable black strap, orange bursts on the faceplate and functionality to boot. Happy Halloween made easy and fun.

Make it a Great Socktober

A hint of Halloween on your ankles! Great socks make a perfectly subtle party vibe in the work zone. Loud socks are right on trend. Try zombies, orange stripes, ghosts or even fuzzy Halloween socks. The louder the better. And if you want to keep it low-key, a few skulls on black knit add just a dash of edge. Great Halloween socks keep you feeling ghoulish and tricky.

Wrist Candy Fits the Mood

Halloween Orange Watch

Wearable delights! Check out Armitron’s Black Digital Chronograph Watch with Orange Resin Strap. The bright strap resembles yummy candy corn. Sorry, it’s resin! But the orange pop holds the mood. A great, colorful watch gives you the perfect way to bring a little light-hearted sugar into your regular workplace or weekend look. You’ll match the pumpkins. And a bright burst of orange fits this Halloween season’s mood.

Go for Some Novelty Chic

You can’t always get away with novelty wear, so October’s the time. Go ahead and rock your witty T-shirt (“This is my costume. I’m a unicorn.”) Or don those loud jack-o-lantern earrings. Go for it. Halloween season is all about fashion with flair, fun and a little something extra. Add some Halloween fashion to your look. You’ll be glad you did.

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