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8 Special Gifts from a Daughter on Father’s Day

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You’ll always be his little girl. And he’ll always be your first-in-line hero. Father’s Day means you get to tell him just what he means to you. The right gift says it all. Does your Dad like to keep it practical? Does he appreciate a little luxury? Do you want to make him chuckle? Or even get a touch teary? The right gift creates a feeling. And a gift from a daughter is extra distinctive. So make it as unique as the bond you share.

Armitron’s Father’s Day Gift Guide guarantees that you’re going to make his day.

1. Give him Luxury and Powerwatch dad daughter

Every man appreciates the powerful statement of an awesome timepiece. Armitron’s Analog-Digital Black Resin Strap Blue Accented Watch makes a perfect present for the awesome Dad in your life. Built for a manly man and loaded with bells and whistles, this watch satisfies his need for rugged style and super-functionality. Comfortable and at the same time tough, this Ana-Digi combo features five alarms and a chronograph for his stopwatch needs — you know he has them! He can time laps, use a pacer and make use of military time, dual time and the countdown timer. Can’t you just see him mapping out your life with the hundred-year calendar? He’ll love a luxury wrist watch that shows off your love while staying packed with practical power.

2. The Gift of Time Well Spentdad kids well spent time

Is his team playing this weekend? Or does he prefer the symphony? Maybe his fav ’80s band is heading up a concert? Or take him to a lecture at a museum. Getting him tickets to an event he’ll love means you’re giving him the gift of time well spent. All the better if the two of you can go together. You know Dad still loves to hang out with his little girl.

3. Straight from a Daughter’s Heart

It’s all about the card. Whether you hand make it (which he still loves) or buy something fancy, every Dad appreciates a message written by you! No texts or emails on Father’s Day. Write it out. And go ahead and fill the space with sentimental mush. Tell him your favorite memory. And “I love you” is a classic keeper that always hits the spot.

4. Make him Laughdad daughter

If you want to see him smile or throw back his head with his signature laugh, then go for something novel and unexpected. Get him a remote control car if he always fixes your real one. How about a neon, light-up fidget spinner to work through his frustrations. Or socks covered in tacos or aliens or Emojis. You know how to make him laugh. Indulge his brand of humor.

5. Go Classic

You can’t lose with a classic gift that follows tradition. Cufflinks are timeless. Choose a refined design that he can wear on special occasions or when he wants to feel a little closer to the daughter who gave them.

6. Monogram itdad daughter

It takes planning, but getting your gift monogrammed shows you took the time and care to personalize the item. Get posh handkerchiefs with his initials embroidered in the corner. You can also monogram a windbreaker, plush beach towel, shot glasses or golf balls.

7. Make It All About the Inscription

Give him your favorite novel or a book you know he’ll love. Make sure you inscribe it with the date and occasion and a unique message that captures just what he means to you.

8. Stick to Memory Lanedad daughter

That time he put you up on his shoulders. Standing next to you at graduation. Playing in the surf at the beach. Your Dad will adore a picture of the two of you together presented in a nice frame.

Your Dad already cherishes you. The right gift lets him know that the feeling is absolutely mutual!

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