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Inside Watch Series: 7 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Watch


Everyone has a different reason for wearing a watch. Some may choose to wear a watch based on the simplicity and functionality of their wrist accessory while others may wear a watch for the pure style it offers. At Armitron, we have styles that fit everyone’s lifestyle, personality and budget so no matter your reason why, you will find exactly what fits you best.

watch chronograph

  1. You love to keep time.

You’re a runner. A swimmer. Maybe simply a lover of cooking. Either way, the chronograph is one of your favorite features, as it is one of the most popular watch functions. A chronograph is an analog stopwatch, which has start, stop and reset buttons, and it can calculate a variety of time increments: seconds, minutes, hours, tenths of seconds and more.

  1. You want your watch to do more.

Do you love a good race? Do you like knowing how fast your airplane is traveling? If you answered yes to either, then the tachymeter is a good friend of yours. The tachymeter is a scale that runs around the outside of a watch’s dial (or bezel), and it is used to compute speed based on the time it takes you to travel over a fixed distance.

watch digital

  1. You like to be efficient.

Time is always moving, and you can use it to your advantage to be more focused and efficient by knowing how long it took you to accomplish your task. Digital watches have a stopwatch to measure the exact timing of an event or occurrence. To make it easy, most stopwatches on digital watches have a start and stop button, as well as a button to clear or reset the stopwatch for the next count.

  1. You are a constant traveler.

Ever travel across the country try to remember the time change and count to what time it is back home? Then you must love the dual time capability of a watch. It can simultaneously show the time in two different time zones; either with a subdial, or even two movements in one case. Now you can know what time it is where you are and what time it is back home.

  1. You are a lover of nature.

Knowing when the next full moon is will longer be a question with a mood phase indicator. Some analog watches have the ability to display the current moon phase–or the portion of the moon that is lighted–via an aperture located on the watch’s dial.

watch alarm

  1. You like to keep a tight schedule.

Time may be relative, but there is only so much of it to use every day. That’s where an alarm features comes into play. Most digital watches have an alarm function. You can set the alarm for a specific time, and when that time is reached, the watch will notify you with a sound. Many digital watches today have multiple alarms that can be set, which can definitively help with your scheduled day.

watch day

  1. You are so busy you forget what day it is.

Never forget what day it is with a date display. Date displays in many analog watches can vary in complexity: Some are simple apertures that show only the day of the month or the day and the month; some are dials that point to a date along the periphery of the watch; and others are complicated date indicators called the perpetual calendar, which delivers information including date, day, month, year and more.

No matter your “Why” for wearing a watch, the watch itself is a personal choice. It’s a statement for you and for your lifestyle. And we would love to know why! Leave us a comment on Facebook and share your photos with us!

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