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6 Accessories Every Teacher Needs


Teachers have the most important job in the world—so they deserve awesome accessories to go with. Teacher style is effortless and easy. You command authority and own your expertise. As a role model, your teacher style should express your individual edge and broadcast your book smarts. Keep comfortable and functional. But you can also accessorize with items that enhance your job duties and keep you feeling great along the way.

Here comes Armitron with a guide to the top 6 accessories every teacher needs.

For Smart Polish: A Wristwatch

Teacher Wristwatch

When you need a watch that’s professional and perfect, with a touch of pretty, go for Armitron’s Black Leather Strap Watch with Swarovski Crystal and Gold-Tone Accents. It’s the consummate timepiece to keep your schedule tip-top and your look complete. Whether you’re needing Open House elegance or classroom polish, you’ll be afloat in chic sophistication. The black leather strap and dark black dial go with everything. So do the gold-tone numerals and splendid crystal accents. The analog design, with golden hour, minute and second hands, gives you a traditional look that’s all class! Absolutely A+.

For Blazing Trails: A Versatile Blazer

Teacher Blazer

Every teacher needs a spiffy jacket that can go dressy or casual in an instant. Get a soft and easy blazer with comfy, roll-up-able sleeves. Leather patches on the elbows give you a classic prof look. You can go instant formal for board meetings and still be comfy and sharp for lessons and lectures. A chic blazer is the must-have jacket for teacher style. Keep in mind, you can use it to complete a suit for professional looks, but you can also pop it on over jeans or leggings for quick and easy sophistication.

For Cool Chic: A Blanket Scarf

Teacher Scarf

Temperatures fluctuate, especially at the start of the school year. Classrooms can get chilly so invest in a soft silk or rayon scarf that’s designed for variety. You can use this chic, go-to accessory as a shawl if you’re feeling cold. Scrunch it up around your neck for easy style. Or let it fall over your shoulders for some color and panache. Versatility works!

For Keeping it Together: An On-The-Go Satchel

You’ll have a lot to haul. Whether it’s homework to grade or lesson plans to create, teachers have a ton of supplies. Get yourself an awesome go-to bag to help you carry everything to and fro. Look for one with strong straps and reinforced seams so you have a reliable accessory to help out on the go. Spring for one with extra storage pockets at the ready. You’ve got this!

For Key Moments: A Luxe Lanyard

Every teacher has a collection of keys to classrooms and storage cabinets, along with an I.D. tag and other essentials. Shop around for a designer lanyard or go for one with a cool novelty print that features characters you and your students love. Deluxe and stylish lanyards are available so you can keep chic and functional in the hallways and on the playground. Teachers rule!

For Easy Movement: Super-Chic Sneakers

Teacher Sneakers

Teachers are always on the move. Whether your leading your class to the library, monitoring the playground or standing at the lectern, you absolutely need comfortable shoes. But there’s no reason to sacrifice style. Get chic and comfy kicks. Athletic shoes are built for style and they’re fine with dressier looks in dark colors and cool designs. Jazz it up with socks that are funky and fabulous. Ready for class. You rock!

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