5 Unique Experiences to Share with Your Dad

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Time carries forward, and time spent together strengthens family bonds – ones that are strong, simple and tied to reliable tradition. In that way, family ties are a lot like a distinctive timepiece: They both mark time in a way you can count on.

A great watch isn’t only about your unique style – it’s a touchstone for all the best parts of life. Let Armitron’s Stainless Steel Analog Watch with Black Leather Strap be your guide. This classically styled watch features everything you need to mark the time and spend it well.

Here are some ways to experience great times with the one guy you can always count on: your dad.

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1.    Pick a Date to Attend the Big Game

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There’s nothing like watching your home team in person. The roar of the crowd surrounds you. A throng of fans fill the stands. And your best bud, your dad, sits right beside you. Few joys compare. Win or lose, seeing your team play in real life is an event to remember. Glance at the sub-dial on your watch that marks the date. Add that number to your collection of sports stats. You’ll remember this day for years to come.

2. What Time Should You Meet at the Matinee?

Action films. A superhero movie. A thriller with your dad’s favorite star. Whatever you see, a movie with your dad is a pastime you’ll enjoy with your dad, so don’t be late! Schedule in plenty of time to hit the concessions and get the big tub of popcorn. Even better, get there early and spring for the tickets. Take a look at your watch – plenty of time to spare. Best of all, Dad’s going to be so impressed.3. Weekends Are for Projects

3. Weekends Are for Projects

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Handyman stuff. Pulling out the lawn mower and the pruning shears. Leaky faucets. Maybe you complained when you had to help out when you were a kid, but now you know. Those were the most valuable times of your childhood. Now you can give it a go yourself before you break down and call a plumber – just like Dad did. Whether you’re at his place or yours, check out your days-of-the-week sub-dial. Saturday or Sunday – let him choose the afternoon. It’s the perfect time to work on a home improvement project. Most importantly, the two of you are together.

4. Countdown while Cooking

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Who wins the prize for best grill-master? You or your Dad? How about pancake perfection? Whose are best? You know it doesn’t matter, but you might as well have a cook-off. Ready? Go! It’s all in the timing. When to flip? Glance at your second hand to keep your timing just right. You might even beat Dad one of these days. You never know!

5. Rise and Shine: Time to Get Outdoors

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You unzip your tent to see the sun rise. Dad’s already started the fire. You’ve got to get to the boat early; that’s when the fishing’s best. You’ll be there all day. It’s going to be a great day because you’re on 24-hour time. Good thing your watch has that type of sub-dial – the kind that marks the rhythms and movements of the entire day. Because when you spend time outdoors with your Dad, you’re in your zone – your own space and time.

There’s never enough time to hang out with Dad. So when that time arises, live in the moment. Mark it, because it’s important. You can’t make it last, but you can make it count. With a reliable watch, that’s certain.

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