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5 Tips for College Freshman

College Freshman

Your campus is calling! It’s time to get ready for back-to-school, university-style. Heading off to  college is a big step. You’re already used to attending school, but college is a whole new experience. It’s the big leagues of book-learning. You’re more than ready, because you made it this far. But you’ll need to up your game in order to guarantee a great freshman year.

Here are Armitron’s 5 tips for a great freshman year at college.

Wear a Watch

Solar Watch College Freshman

What’s the number one factor to insure your success at college? Time management. If you manage time well, you’re set for success. That doesn’t mean that you spend all your time studying. It means that you’re giving yourself a healthy balance filled with work and play. When you wear Armitron’s Solar Stainless Steel Watch with Brown Leather Strap Watch and Blue Dial, you’re set with a stylish reminder to track your time. Go eco-chic with the dark blue solar dial. The analog design and brown leather strap give you the perfect classic vibe for your campus look. So, grab your backpack, glance at your watch, and get to class! Most importantly, make time to sleep!

Meet Your Professors

Professors College Freshman

Students who take the time to meet their professors and develop a relationship tend to get better grades. Because they’re more invested and less intimidated. They reach out if they have issues and seek help when they need it. Your profs may feel like towering figures, but they’re just people (who you’re paying to teach you!) So, summon your courage and introduce yourself after class or go to office hours. Ask for general advice about how to succeed in their class or ask them to clarify a point about the lecture. You’ll learn more and develop a relationship for networking in the future.

Plan Your Schedule

Digital Watch College Freshman

Freshman year of college is not the time to wing it when it comes to planning your schedule. You should break your days into manageable chucks of time and assign segments for studying and going to class. You also want to allow time for fitness and hanging out with friends. With a solid sport watch, you can keep track of your schedule and adhere to the routine you set up. Armitron’s Powder Blue Chronograph Sport Watch is the perfect fit to keep you motivated and college-ready. Your chronograph can be used at the gym or to time study sessions, and you can use your alarm as a reminder to help you get up and get to class. A+ all the way!

Join a Club

Club College Freshman

You’re sure to meet new people the first few weeks of your freshman year. But you’ll likely miss your friends from home until you find your new tribe. Take a chance and join a club. You’ll see notices everywhere for getting involved in extracurricular sports, campus government and every academic interest under the sun. In a college club or group, you’ll have a chance to meet the people who may end up as your best friends. So choose a good fit and jump in!

Sit Up Front

Front Seat College Freshman

Make sure you go to class. Skipping class just isn’t cool and no matter what you hear, cramming without regular study and class attendance just doesn’t work. The best way to stay set for success is to commit to going to every single class. Even better, go early and sit right in the front row. You won’t be tempted to slack off or check your phone (some profs have a no phone policy!) You’ll be more engaged and you won’t miss important points in the lecture. Better yet, raise your hand and ask questions or contribute to class discussion. Make the most of freshman year. You know you can ace it!

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