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5 New Places to Visit this Summer

Nature beckons. Your summertime soul longs for the outdoors. So get out there and enjoy green living, natural wonders and life in the sun. This summer, schedule in jaunts to all those out-in-the open hangouts you’ve been meaning to get to. Secure the priority and make the time. Armitron’s stunning adventure watch is the perfect companion to make sure you’re on-the-go and loving life this summer. Check out Armitron’s Solar-Powered Analog Watch with Light Brown Leather Strap. Whatever your time frame, now you have a sturdy, classic and eco-friendly watch to match your outdoor adventurer style.  


Your agenda may be packed, but there are always treks you can fit into your schedule when you optimize your time.  

Here are the new places you should definitely make the time to visit this summer.

On Your Lunch Break: A Local Park

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Even if you’ve only got a few minutes, you can recharge and relax with a little downtime outdoors. Find a park or courtyard close to your office or workspace and take your break there. You can even schedule a meeting in such locales to take advantage of the invigorating ambience. Your handsome wristwatch sets the stage with its easy functionality and sophisticated style that’s ideal for work or recreation—or that sweet spot that covers both. 

The Hour-Long Excursion: Botanical Gardens

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In the midst of every city, you can always find a full-on deluxe garden. Craft an excursion to visit one of these zones. Your city, or one nearby, is likely famous for its roses, rivers, lakefront walking tours or stellar botanical museum. Making the time for nature is healthful and healing. Schedule in an hour that gives you the chance to recharge, refresh and indulge in short, but sweet forays in nature.   

For Half-Day Treks: Local Panoramas

You’re probably only a few hours drive from your nearest natural wonder. Grab family members or enlist your best friends and head to the mountains, woods or closest nature preserve. Take the time to discover what your vicinity has to offer. Look for caves and caverns that offer tours. Fields of tulips or other lush flora. Balloon ride festivals. Vineyard hops and wine-tastings. Regattas, waterfalls or other meccas. You probably have something close enough to make the most of a half-day trek. Worth the trip.  

From Dawn to Dusk: Hiking Trails

Visit Summer Hiking

Early birds win. You know it’s true. When you’ve got the time, make a day of it. Find the best day hike and tackle a mountain or hill-top. Start early and make the most of every hour of summer daylight. Your solar-powered wrist watch is there for the adventure. Comfortable and always rugged, you have a dark navy dial with high contrast numerals and markers for easy-to-read functionality when the sun starts to set and you’re heading home. What a great day! 

When You’ve Got the Whole Weekend: Camping in a National Park

Visit Summer Camping

Get full-force happy camper. This summer make sure you schedule in a total immersion out in nature. Get to the woods, set up camp, and let the chill surround you. Pack carefully so all your needs are met and you can focus on mindful living. When you’re mindful, you don’t let go of time, you notice it. You nestle into minutes and hours and pay attention to the awesomeness of right now. That’s the best use of your time this summer. And with a solar-powered wrist watch, you’ll never worry about losing track of time again. Armitron’s solar design gives you 4 months of batter charge with any type of light, but you might as well use the sun! 

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