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5 Fall Accessories Everyone Needs

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Autumn has landed! Are you ready for pumpkin spice and everything nice? The arrival of fall means turning leaves, cooler weather and hitting refresh on your wardrobe. The best way to punch up your fall look is to use accessories to create a bold new style. Enliven and energize your personal style with accessories that match your individuality. Make statements, feel great and look powerful and amazing. This fall snap up a watch, and other essential accessories, that add a little something extra to make your looks on point and awesome.

Here’s Armitron’s guide to the 5 must-have accessories for this fall season.

Something Metallic & Sparkling

Fall Accessories Metallic

Wear words of wisdom with a watch that’s dazzling, yet ever-practical. Armitron’s Tri-Tone Box Set with Swarovski Crystal Accents is the ideal gift-to-self to inspire your autumn season. The silver-tone bangle watch will add a splash of effortless sophistication. This watch set features a lustrous Mother-of-Pearl dial surrounded by a ring of sparkling Swarovski crystals. Add bling and beauty with two more versatile bangles, each with a constellation of inset crystals. The gold-tone bracelet reads “love,” while the rose gold-tone one is emblazoned with “believe.” That’s right. Believe in love and everything pretty this fall. Triple-luxe!

Something Lush & Leopard

Fall Accessories Leopard

This fall’s fashion is all about the power of animal prints. Revamp your wardrobe with a few choice accessories in an ultra-classic leopard print. Think mules in soft fur or velvet, a silk scarf, or a box-shaped handbag. Leopard’s lush caramel base color, dotted with black spots, adds the perfect fall color palette to your look with an easy, dressy vibe. If you’re feeling fierce add touches of zebra, tiger stripe, or snakeskin leather to your ensemble. Let’s get animal!

Something Ravishing & Rainbow

Fall Accessories Rainbow

Bright and bold colors make you right-now-ready. Every color of the rainbow is on the style agenda. Think vibrant violet, fearless fuchsia and pumpkin-smash orange. Get the rainbow vibe with bright stripes on boots and scarves. Do pops of color on handbags and hats—berets or baseball caps. The best place for sharp, neon colors is on your hands. Go for bright leather gloves. Try elbow length, fingerless and extra embellished to keep stylish in the colder temps. Stay cool!

Something Big & Extra

Fall Accessories Big

This season is all about next level style. Enormously-sized accessories are trending onward and upward. Go extra with a brightly-colored, super-big handbag. It’ll look luxe and fashion forward, but it has that practical vibe so you can carry all your essentials—like your puffer coat. The bigness trend goes for jewelry too. Wear dangly and dazzling chandelier earrings. Make sure they drip with rhinestones and shimmer. And don’t forget this season’s essential—extra-large hoop earrings. Classic sizzle. Go big or go home!

Something Hands-Free & Fabulous

Your mom’s fanny pack is not going out of style. Whoohoo, right! The fall runways were filled with the belt bag. Belt bags, crossbody bags, crossbody phone cases and necklace bags have hit the spotlight. Why? Because hand-free practicality wins out. Upcharge your look with fashion forward accessories that can hold your essentials with style and ease. Keep the must-have stuff at the ready with a chic little carry-all that hangs right at your waist or hip. Now your hands are free for selfies, lattes and keeping it real. Time for festive fall fun!

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