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5 Back to College Must-Have Accessories Under $100

Back-to-college season means you’ll be busy — and so will your bank account. Your college education is a great investment, but it’s also expensive. Plus, you still need to find a way to budget in those must-have accessories to ensure success. You can do it with some care and thought! Don’t forget the essentials that will keep you organized, efficient and on time. Your personal style and comfort can get a boost as well.

Armitron’s Top 5 Must-Have Accessories for College (All Under $100)

1. Pretty and Perfect Analog Watch

accessories watch

The key to college success? Time management. Nail that down and everything else falls into place. You might as well get some inspiration with a gorgeous analog wristwatch to keep you on track and upbeat. You’ll feel energized whenever you glance at Armitron’s Two-Tone Dress Bracelet Watch with Swarovski Crystal Accents. The traditional analog watch face comes with dashes of crystal sparkle around the bevel. The bracelet style lets you give in to your jewelry urge while keeping it casual. A classic watch looks great with jeans and a T-shirt, as well as with dressier looks for your internship, work study or meeting with your professor. Invest in a good quality analog watch with a style that lasts.

2. Folio Phone Case with Power Bank

accessories power bank

Give your phone some extra protection with a folio case. A wallet-style case is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles with its versatile cover that opens and closes like a book. Folio cases come with a few card pockets to stash your ID or extra cash. You’ll also need a power bank and durable charging cords. Get a fun style that matches your personality. You’ll feel prepared and connected if your phone’s decked out and looking cute and cool.

3. Strong and Smart Backpack

accessories backpack

A rugged backpack is essential. You should try on different styles and weigh them down to make sure they’ll stay comfy when you trek across campus. Pay attention to the straps and the fit. Extra pockets and openings for earphones or chargers will make all the difference. Pick a pattern or color you love and you’re on your way.

4. Fold-Up Umbrella

No matter where your college is located, you’re probably not safe from downpours. When you’re on a college campus, you have to be prepared for long walks outside — from the library to your dorm room to your gym or classroom and back again. Get a chic little fold-up umbrella that you can keep in a side pocket of your backpack. You’ll always be prepared, and you’ll be glad you have it with you. Choose a bright color to keep the clouds at bay.

5. Style-Happy Sneakers

accessories sneakers

When it comes to college fashion, comfort comes first. You’re there for learning, and in that case you want to stay comfortable with easy chic that fits your mood. You’ll be doing lots of walking, so you need reliable comfort — especially if you’re running behind. Your professor will probably notice if you skid into class late. So keep it practical and get an analog watch and some sneakers so you can be timely and move fast when you need to. But there’s no reason to go low-key or boring. Get some kicks with glitter laces, emoji patches or a pretty floral pattern. You can also go metallic — try out rose gold instead of more traditional gold and silver. Whatever you choose, you’ll have some practical pizzazz on your feet as you dash around campus.

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