3 Necessary Tips for Hiking in Tough Weather


Hiking in tough weather offers a challenge. But it’s one you can handle with preparation and the right gear. Even if you’re experienced with rough terrain, you can’t count on the weather to cooperate. Conditions are always unpredictable — especially on mountains or out in the wild where weather is known to change quickly. Temperatures rise and humidity increases. Alternately, temperatures drop and winds surge. And there’s always the chance for a torrential downpour — which is an endurance test if you’re not primed and ready.

Seasoned hikers know to wear layers, pack emergency supplies and bring enough food and water to last through a rough patch. But the right watch can make or break your hiking adventure. You need an Adventure Watch to help you navigate conditions with precision.

Armitron’s AD/1011YLW Adventure wristwatch is your ideal travel companion. You’ll be packing a weather station and time management system right on your wrist. The rugged and reliable design features a large, easy-to-read digital display with backlight. This multifunction watch comes in yellow or black and has a durable, primed-for-comfort resin strap. Best of all, your AD/1011 comes chock-full of features to make your adventure safer.

Tip #1. Use Your Altimeter to Beat the Heat

hiking altimeter

Blistering heat at sea level can dwindle with higher climbs — the temperature usually drops the higher you go, but you still have risks. Shade falls away and exposure to sun increases. You need to be aware of altitude changes because your body needs to adjust to elevation, the same way it does to temperature.

The altimeter on your AD/1011 gives you the measurements you need to stay safe as you ascend. Your altimeter reads atmospheric pressure — that lets you know how high you are. The higher you go, the less oxygen you have. You’ll need to adjust breathing, change your pace and add sun protection. Your altimeter tracks elevation so you can adjust as needed. You can also follow your ascent and descent with accuracy. Winging it can mean danger. Your watch helps to keep you safe, secure and on track.

Tip #2. Use Your Barometer to Predict a Storm

hiking barometer

Any change in barometric pressure usually signals a change in weather conditions. In the wilderness, these changes can be abrupt, but your AD/1011 keeps you prepared. The barometer monitors pressure, and if you take notice of any shifts, you can predict storms with accuracy. You’ll have to time to seek shelter or do some weather-proofing before the clouds roll in. You’ll also get a sense of the strength and severity of incoming weather from the barometer reading.

Tip #3. Use Your Weather Station to Track Wind Chill and Cold

hiking wind

Armitron’s AD/1011 comes with a Weather Station that gives you a reliable readout on a range of need-to-know weather factors. You can view measurements for wind chill along with wind speed and direction. If you’re in snow conditions, these readings make all the difference as you factor in the endurance needed for hikes, and timing. Your weather station also tracks your height above sea level, temperatures, and atmospheric and barometric pressure, so you stay informed and in control.

Additional Features to Get You Through Tough Weather Conditions:

  • Countdown timer (down from 100 hours) if you need to wait out a storm
  • Hour chime if you want to track your ascent or descent along a trail
  • Multiple Alarms (up to five) to regulate rest stops or water breaks
  • World Time to keep track of time zones across the globe
  • 8 lap memory to measure changes in endurance across distances

Hiking gets tough, and so does the weather. So be prepared. Nature may be unpredictable, but you can count on your Adventure Watch from Armitron.

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