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3 Fitness Watches for Mother’s Day 2017

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Moms are master time managers. Weaving in your fitness routine is as second nature as wrangling your kids. You squeeze in Zumba or a CrossFit session, then do yoga at dawn (or while your toddler’s napping). You may even be getting in a workout when you’re walking your son to school, or by kicking the soccer ball around with your daughter in the afternoon. Whether you’re running or hiking, or just playing around, fitness is a natural part of every mom’s life. And because your time is precious, you keep track of all of it.

The right fitness watch can help you stay efficient and motivated. The following three Armitron ProSport Watches feature all the bells and whistles for streamlining your training, recording your achievement and tracking your endurance. Even more importantly, the perfect watch can help keep your goals and your style stay right on point.

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When You Want Color and Energy in a Watch

Imagine your wrist wrapped in tropical teal blue with a silver bezel. This Armitron Digital Watch with Teal Resin Strap will give you a jolt of energy whenever you glance at your wrist. And with these features, you’ll look a lot! Whether you’re cross-training or strength training or running miles or errands, your watch has many functions to help you along the way. Your chronograph feature allows you to assess your individual lap time, regardless of whether that’s taking place around a track or across a swimming pool. And you know mom’s get creative. Your laps include grocery treks, round-the-block stroller pushes and all the activity moms do every day. This watch comes in a multitude of colors to match any workout outfit. It comes in black with silver, white with rose gold, and silver. 

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When Practical Watch Design Comes in Pretty

So stylish you’ll never want to take it off. The beautiful sea green color will give you a tranquil focus. Its silver tone dial with push points surround metallic sparkle features and a deeper shade of teal. This Armitron’s ProSport watch has so many features it can even act as your own personal trainer. Encircled windows on the digital display give you readings for the stopwatch and your three alarms. Set them to indicate when you want to ramp up or slow down during workouts. After all, moms know the value of setting a timer during a morning stroll. The beep lets you track your stride and get your heartbeat up before you move into cool down. This watch also gives you dual time, backlight and calendar display. It’s ideal for multitasking and staying on schedule.

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When Your Watch Needs to be Fierce and Feminine

Fierce is always functional — especially when a Mom is sporting it. Strong and resilient, just like you, this Armitron Pro Sport Watch gives you easy confidence. Its silver case keeps it rugged and elegant, while its bright pink resin strap makes it durable, comfortable and statement worthy. Silver accents surround the easy-to-read digital display. Press your EL button to illuminate the dial, and enjoy up to 330 feet of water resistance. It’s perfect for swimming and your water aerobics classes, or even catching a run in a warm rain. Use your chronograph and alarm functions to keep you on track during hikes, workouts and every kind of outdoor adventure.

Armitron Pro Sport wristwatches are the perfect accessory for moms with busy schedules, a knack for fashion, and fitness needs that call for function and flair.

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