3 Camping Accessories for a Better Adventure

camping accessories

Making a list for a camping trip can often turn into an adventure of its own. From what food to bring, clothes to pack, and how you’ll wash those dishes, it can take time.

There are three camping accessories that will not only make it easier for you on your camping journey but will enhance the adventure too.

Go Handsfree with Headlamps

There is so much to do when you go camping, never mind when you set up your campsite. Not everyone goes with a camping friend who can hold a flashlight, and even then, it can slow down the set up process.

So tell me, what’s better than a flashlight that holds itself exactly where you need it?

Some things to consider when picking out a headlamp:

  • What type of beam do you want (i.e. wide, focused, etc.)?
  • How bright do you want it?
  • How heavy is the headlamp?

Basically, the best way to pick out a headlamp is to go try them on and check the specs for what you will use it for, whether a late night hike or to set up the tent.

Oh, and don’t forget extra batteries!

camping accessories

Time Your Hike with Your Watch

The best thing about Armitron’s ProSport watches is that they do so much more than give you the time when you need it. The Black on Black Digital Wristwatch gives you more functions to take with you on your trip.

Wristwatch Design

50mm black resin case with metallic olive green accents and LCD dial.

Soft Touch Resin

Black soft touch resin strap with stainless steel buckle.

Watch Movement

Features include time, seconds, day/date, chronograph with lap time, alarm, dual time, 12/24 hour time and backlight function.

The chronograph function can be used no matter what kind of outdoor camper you are. Time your hike from the slope to the peak or see how long it takes you to bike around the lake.

If you are a camper that likes to enjoy the nighttime adventure, the Backlight function will take care of you. Never mind the alarm you can set so you can watch the sunrise over the mountain or the water resistance up to 330 feet if you want to dive into the lake.

All of these functions make the Black on Black Digital Watch a great camping companion.

camping accessories

Take it All with You in a Backpack

You can do your best to think ahead, but sometimes you can never tell what you need for every trip. One of those saying to take with you: “It’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.”

So, if you need it, don’t need it, or might need it, you can’t carry everything in your hands. Never mind those just-in-case items you want with you. Make it easy on yourself, put it all in a backpack made for travel.

Look for backpacks that have accessory pockets for items like sunscreen, your ID, bug spray, and tons more. Use tool loops and other lash-on points for items that don’t go in your bag, but you need easily accessible like climbing rope or trekking poles.

No matter what kind of camper you are, make sure you have the tools, gear and accessories that you need. When in doubt a headlamp, watch and backpack should always be on the list.

Happy Camping!

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