10 Tips to Save Money on Back to School

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Back-to-school shopping may feel like a retail extravaganza, but you’re not required to go overboard. Getting your kids ready to for fall classes doesn’t need to be a spending spree. You can still have them looking well-heeled and fashionable while spending less. With a little extra time and planning, you can stick to your budget and come out ahead. And the best part, your kids feel happy and look great. Here are the 10 back-to-school shopping tips that can make that all happen:

1. Involve the Kids

You might think shopping with your children means you’ll end up spending more. They beg for extras and you give in. If that’s the case, it’s time to change the pattern. Before you hit the stores, sit down with your kids. Help them make a list of needed items — and a budget! Let them know that you plan to stick with it — then do so. This extra planning helps your kids get a sense of money management and limits, and they’ll learn valuable skills for their future.

2. The Must-Have Accessory: Invest in a Solid Wristwatch

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Even kids still learning to tell time should have an analog watch. Your kids receive huge benefits from wearing their own wristwatch. Older kids or teens need a sharp and stylish watch as their must-have accessory. Help your kids make a fashion statement with Armitron’s Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Analog Mesh Bracelet Watch. With a 38.5MM faceplate, its medium-sized dial is just the right size, and the classic design looks good with everything.

3. Shop Summer Sales and Clearances

The seasonal sale racks don’t just have shorts and tanks. You can find jeans and sweaters, too. Look for tees and other staples that can go into the cooler seasons. Stores will often have basics like socks and underwear on great sales at the end of season. No need to spend full price.

4. Check Out Their Closets Before You Shop

Don’t buy them a new wardrobe just because they’re starting a new grade. Go through their closet and keep the pieces that still fit. Only shop for items that you truly need to replace.

5. Buy Classic Statement Pieces That Outlast Trends

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Armitron watches are always affordable and always in style. Armitron offers chic, modern and durable designs. Check out this Blush Leather Strap Watch. Timeless elegance keeps your kid on trend with a choice that’s practical and smart when it comes to both fashion and budget.

6. Check Online Sales

Even if you don’t mind the in-store crowds, you can find great deals online. Look at the websites of your favorite stores for quick and easy deals. Sometimes you can even find free delivery: easy-peasy and delivered right to your door!

7. ‘Shop’ Your House First

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When it comes to school supplies, you probably have scissors, pencils and glue tucked into junk drawers and closets. No need to buy more if you can load up with what’s already in your own house.

8. Buy School Supplies in Bulk

Go ahead and get the bulk pack of pens and paper. You’ll save on price and you won’t have to repurchase anything halfway through the year.

9. Take It Easy on Trends

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Your child might want a backpack or sweatshirt with their favorite character on the front, but chances are they’ll move on to a new interest before the item wears out. Teens also zoom from trend to trend, so limit spending on those items. Invest your money on statement pieces that last.

10. Buy Large to Extend Wear

Save on coats, jackets and sweaters by buying them every other season. The first year, you can roll the sleeves and go for the baggy look. Your child will grow into extra roomy items in no time! You might as well give them the chance to for wear and tear.

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